Garrard Landing Park | June 2020

The pandemic of 2020 flew in and hit us all like a ton of bricks! It has been rough year no doubt, even for our graduating seniors of 2020.

The graduating seniors all over the world were truly robbed of their ceremonies and celebrations. I held a few free senior sessions this year too. I wanted to offer my services to bring some sort of enjoyment back into the fact that they were graduating. This is a celebratory moment and I wanted to help where I could. I was happy to celebrate those joyous moments with the seniors and their families too!

We certainly had a blast during this senior session at Garrard Landing Park in Alpharetta, GA. Dani graduated from Allatoona High School in Acworth, GA. Dani was part of the Allatoona High School Theatre Department. She will be pursuing her college education at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. Dani was such a natural and so willing to be free with her surroundings. I absolutely loved Dani’s free spirit during this session. She was willing to kick her shoes off, run around, get into the water, and plant her feet in the weeds and grassy areas. What else can a photographer ask for from a client?! She has such a glowing and easy going personality. It was truly a lovely senior photography session!

Another wonderful fact from this session was that it was shot during the Sahara desert plume of 2020! The dust plume moved from Africa’s west coast over the Atlantic through the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the sky shots show a slight hint of orange in the sky. This isn’t terribly easy to see, but when the sun would hide behind the clouds we definitely saw it. We did encounter a very windy day along with a slight temperature drop that day, which is rare during the month of June in Georgia. This senior photography session in Alpharetta, GA was truly organic and free flowing, which frankly is my kind of session!

So, what does graduating during the pandemic of 2020 look like? Well, it kind of looks a little bit like this – see below!