Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort | June 2020

This wedding was during the pandemic of 2020, and while some areas needed accommodations nothing was amiss.

Ariana and Cory’s wedding was held at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia. It was a warm June day, with a slight breeze. If you have experienced the southern weather then you know that it can change on a dime. So, in other words you always need to be prepared.  However, the wedding was overwhelmingly romantic, whimsical and just lovely!

Ariana and Cory started dating in high school. They pursued their college careers in different cities and states. Ariana went to the University of Georgia, while Cory pursued his college career in Manchester, IN. They agreed to not part ways during their college careers. They managed to make it through the four years of distance. Some may even say fate kept them together through the distance.

The couple’s wedding was very intimate and personable. They truly made you feel like you were a part of their family. Their wedding was full of beautiful emotions too – love, tears of happiness and laughter! These two were so personable, fun loving, and simply wonderful. The details throughout the wedding were very meaningful. To give you an idea, Ariana’s bridal bouquet was wrapped with family heirlooms. She had her great-grandmother’s ring and her grandmother’s ring wrapped at the base of her gorgeous bridal bouquet, but that wasn’t all of the heirlooms showcased. There were so many generations of life and love wrapped around her bridal bouquet, truly a very personal touch. Even the colors displayed a soft and loving side. The colors spread throughout the wedding were blush, cream and rose gold – just an exquisite blend! These colors complimented her and her day beautifully.

I think the one special moment that stood out to me the most to me was when Ariana was opening up her shoe box as she was getting ready. She had NO idea that Cory wrote a sweet message on the bottom of both her shoes. It was such a sweet little touch to keep her day bright and full of love. I enjoyed being apart of this beautiful day. To witness the emotions that flowed through the both of them as well as their family. This wedding is definitely one of my favorite! I think the pictures speak for themselves too, see for yourself!